05/21/2007         The evolution of "TheZaleskinGroup.Org" web site continues.  Added links to a pretty cool little game, and to a really cool comic strip called "Pearls Before Swine".


05/19/2007         There's going to be a "Pike" family gathering at Molly's home over the forthcoming Memorial Day Weekend.   Many folks are expected to be there and we're expecting a good time to be had by all.   Updates and pictures to follow


05/11/2007           Both Phil and Jason are now back from visiting Jenny in Sanjo-shi Japan.  There's at least one entry about this on Phil's blog and there may be more on Jenny's.   When she gets to it and I know about it, I'll put a link to it here.   As soon as I get a little more organized there will be links to the pictures also.


05/01/2007            Phil and Jason have arrived in Japan, and more specifically in Sanjo-shi.   And it only took 24 hours "real time" to get there from Raleigh.   The world is so much bigger in real life than it is on the internet or TV.

First Post! 06/17/2007

The idea here is that by using that little "RSS Feed" thingy down there on the right, the reader can add to THEIR RSS reader an incoming feed from OUR little web site.  Then, by checking their RSS reader they can know when this site is updated, and they can come visit to see the newest stuff.