Welcome to our web site.   We are the Zaleskins, of which there are few.  We in particular are the Phil, the Diane, the Jason, and the Jenny. 

Why for is this web site?

           It's nothing special, really.   It's just a way to establish a "home", as it were, to our presence on the web.  A couple of us have personal blogs that you might enjoy.   We've got email addresses of course, and this is a single place to email any of us from.   It is a way to lead our family and friends to our online photo albums.   It's a way for us to post about what's new and exciting for us and probably not-so-exciting to you.

          There's a pretty significant change being made as of Sunday 06/17/07.  Pretty much all of the updates to the site are now going to be announced and described on the "Page of the Blog" page.  The reason for this is that the "Page of the Blog" page will allow readers to use an RSS feed to keep track of when the site is updated.   In effect, you can subscribe to this web site,  just like you subscribe to your newspaper or magazine.  The only real difference is that instead of getting the newspaper every day, or the magazine every week or month, you'll only get a new "issue" of the web site when it's updated.          So read the information below about getting an RSS (which means Really Simple Syndication) feed from "The Zalesk inn" sent to your RSS reader, and even a little bit about getting an RSS reader (you might already have one without knowing it).    Then click on the "Page of the Blog" link to see what's new.

          New posts to "The Zalesk inn" blog will be at the top of the "Page of the Blog", so at least to start, you might want to go from the bottom up on that page the first time you look at it.

           And by the way, this site is created and maintained by what may be the simplest web site designer / creator on the web ... "Weebly"  ... which you can access by just clicking it's name over here ===> Weebly

News of the Zaleskins (and of this web site)

05/31/07            New photos from the Pike Family gathering have been posted.   See link below.
                         New link to list of all our photo albums has been posted also.  See below.

05/23/07            Jenny announces via her blog:
Hey guys, I posted a bunch of photos from Daniela's Wedding on Facebook. I haven't put up comments (may                                      or  may not get to that :P) and Nick still has the rest, but here are some pictures anyway...

                                  Feel free to email her with questions about pictures if you have any.

05/21/2007         The evolution of "TheZaleskinGroup.Org" web site continues.  Added links to a pretty cool little game, and to a really cool comic strip.

Picture Section  (Click on the pictures to open that particular album; click HERE to open a page showing all of my albums)

We *love* hockey!

In 2006, the Carolina Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup, proclaiming them as the champions of the National Hockey League (NHL).  As partial season ticket holders, we had the thrill of going to all the home games in Raleigh.   Our team jerseys are customized to honor the Stanley Cup win, with the numbers 20 06.  Also, please take note of the player's names on the jerseys.

Pike Family Gathering 2007

May 25th through the 28th, we had a Pike Family gathering at Molly's place.  Thank you all SO much for being able to make for a great weekend; speaking for Molly and her kids and their families I know we had a fantastic time seeing everyone.   There were also a few "regrets" sent, and while we missed all of you we also understand.  Rest assured, you were probably talked about at some time or other <smile>.

I think this is everyone who was able to come up and if your name isn't here, please let me know (email me)

     Molly  &  Diane  &  Phil
     Florence (Kravitz)      
     Sue  &  Al  &  Heather  &  Adam
     Dolores (Orchanian)  &  Rob
     Josephine (Ruoti)  &  Danny  &  Andrew
     Karen  &  Michael
     Ray  &  Nancy
     Leah  &  Brian
     Rebecca  &  Paul
     Nancy  &  Zach

2007 Trip to Japan

From May 1 through May 11, Phil and Jason went to visit Jenny in Sanjo-shi, Japan.

Sanjo-shi is about 50 Km inland from Niigata, on the west coast of the main island of Honshu.  Jenny has been working there since 8/06 as an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) under the auspices of the JET Programme.

That "other" fellow you'll see in a bunch of these pictures is Atsushi, who is the new love of Jenny's life.  And he's a pretty good guy, too   :-)

Games and other diversionary tactics

!Escape!     This is a fun little game that I can almost guarantee you will take no more than 18 seconds to play

Pearls Before Swine

If this cartoon isn't in your local newspaper yet, it really should be.  And keep coming back here to visit the link to it until it is in your local newspaper.  Then just keep coming back here because you can!